Salmon Fishing Resorts in British Columbia, Canada

Fishing resorts are a great place to have the experience of a lifetime by getting away from it all in an untouched location with raw nature all around you. British Columbia, in Canada, is the top place to catch Chinook (King) salmon along the coast. The latest trends show the best Chinook fishing along BC’s west coast. We only promote locations that are producing regularly with good numbers of both Coho and Chinook Salmon. You’ll not just catch salmon at the fishing resorts featured on this website, but you’ll also be able to catch all kinds of bottom fish, including halibut.


There are numerous locations in British Columbia to escape to for a fishing vacation. Some are completely remote, while others are within driving distance from Vancouver after a short ferry ride. We stand behind the fishing resorts we promote and know that your time and money will be well spent! We know which guides are regular producers and you will be in for a great vacation. If you want to be in to 10-15 salmon per day, come fish at one of our B.C. fishing resorts. Chinook salmon range from 10-70lbs. Halibut limits are usually around 70lbs, however the smaller halibut are the really tasty ones to eat. At these fishing resorts, you can experience first-class chefs, attention to detail, friendly people and talented fishing guides that care about your trip.