10 Things to Think About when Booking a Fishing Charter as an Avid Fisherman

Going away on a fishing vacation is a dream for plenty of people. However, when you already live, sleep, eat and breathe fishing, you may be a little bit skeptical about putting your trip in someone else’s hands. If you’re an avid fisherman with those hesitations, then this is your article. Read on for 10 things you need to think about as an avid fisherman looking to book a fishing charter somewhere else.

  1. You might feel weird just showing up.

Booking a charter means you’ve officially hired someone else to do all the hard stuff. Lures and lines will be tied and set to go, equipment will be onboard and the day’s course of action is something he could do with his eyes closed at this point. Your only job is to show up, maybe with a packed lunch. Weird.


  1. You have to hang up your captain’s hat.

Not your boat, so not your captain’s hat. You’ll have to be content sitting back and letting the man do his job, namely driving the boat.


  1. You won’t get upset at losing lures.

Don’t worry, that’s not your lucky spoon that chinook just took off with. Watching someone else turn a bit red in the face as they contain their annoyance over losing a spot of gear with the one that got away can be strangely satisfying. Yes, you can sympathize, but man it feels good to know your lures and lines are tucked safely away in your tackle box at home.

  1. You could feel pretty useless.

The boat is on its way, the lines are set up, the down riggers are ready to go. When they pop, your guide is scrambling to set the hook and get it in the right spot for you to reel it in.


  1. Your guide might know better than you.

If you’ve booked a fishing charter, it’s likely because you’re coming fishing somewhere new, of while you’re on vacation. That means that someone with years of experience fishing in that area, say your guide, will know what works best and where to be. So yes, someone may know better than you about fishing. At least in that part of the world.


  1. You can put away your research, charts and plan of attack.

Now that you aren’t the captain, everything is ready to go, and your guide knows better than you do, you can put away your planning. They’ll take you to the places that are catching fish, keep in touch with other guides in the area to know what’s working and already knows how much gas to take, when to head back and what the tides are doing. You just have to show up, really, no charts necessary.


  1. You will likely depart immediately upon arriving at the boat

Used to worrying about getting to the boat, loading it, fueling up and getting set for the day? Yeah, your guide has already been there and done that. By the time you’ve rolled out of bed and gotten down to the boat, he’s ready to fire up the engine and get on your way.


  1. You’ll sit down a lot more.

Your guide is keen to get you onto fish. He’ll be spending is time checking downrigger settings, switching lures, driving the boat, checking the radar and everything else in between. While he’s running all over the place getting this done, it leaves you a lot of room for… well… sitting. It’s likely your guide will even set the hook for you because he really doesn’t want you to lose that fish. Long story short, be sure to bring your snacks and drinks of choice.


  1. You might get yelled at to reel.

Considering you did pay for the fishing trip, your call to action is when that fish is good and hooked and ready to come to the boat. With big fighting salmon, this can take a lot of work, and a lot of guides are incredibly enthusiastic about what they do. You may just get yelled at to reel, or to keep your rod tip up. Don’t take it personally, they just really want you to exceed.


  1. You might just enjoy it more than you thought.

At the end of the day, it’s a nice perk to show up worry free for a fantastic day on the water. You can focus on your buddies, take in the sights, and still land some great fish, stress-free. While it might not be on your boat, with your equipment, and you may miss all that hard prep, it’s nice to take a vacation every now and then. So, kick back and let that guide set the hook for you. You’re here for the thrill of the reel and fight.


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