Fishing Resorts vs. Local Accommodation

Sometimes the best place to start when planning your fishing vacation is where you want to be laying your head to rest each night. After all, for that early morning bite, you’re going to want a great night’s sleep. Typically, there are two choices – a fishing resort, or the available local accommodation. Depending on what you want out of your trip, either could be a great option. Not sure where to start? Check out the pros and cons to each in the list below!


Fishing Resorts



  • Classic Fishing Adventure

-A remote lodge fishing adventure is the classic, and ultimate of all fishing trips. It’s an angler’s dream and often the first thing that comes to mind when someone says, “fishing trip.”

  • All Inclusive

-All you need to worry about is making the booking, and perhaps getting to where they pick you up to take you to the lodge. A lot of fishing resorts include your meals (especially the remote ones), making the whole thing painless: all you need to do is show up and get on the boat on time each day.

  • Scenic Flight

-For remote fishing resorts, a stunning floatplane flight is usually involved. This can be a great perk and adds another level of excitement to the adventure.

  • Secluded

-Being at a resort a bit more off the grid means you’ll have the waters to yourself. Plus, you’ll only have to interact with the guide, the friends or family you brought along and the few other guests at the lodge. Nothing says R&R like being off the grid for a few days.

  • Like-minded Guests

-For those that eat, sleep and breathe fishing, being at a secluded lodge with other people who are the same is a dream. Especially after coming in from a great day on the water, you’ll have plenty to discuss and debate with the other guests.

  • Bed to Boat

-Lodges often have their own docks, so you’ll probably just have to roll out of bed and get on the boat. It doesn’t get much easier than that.



  • Expensive

-All-inclusive and with a scenic flight doesn’t come cheap, especially if they have a ritzy lodge and fancy meals to upkeep. While it’s great to enjoy not having to plan, sometimes it’s hard to do on a budget.

  • Harder to Reach and Leave

-Hoping to do some other activities? Unfortunately, at a fly-in fishing resort, you can do only one thing, fish. Depending on how hard it was to reach the lodge, or if it needed a scenic flight, you aren’t likely to leave for something like a night on the town, or to go for a hike. This also means that if you have a spouse, or family members that want to come on a vacation, but don’t want to fish the whole time, they will have nothing else to do and nowhere else they can be.

  • Can’t Cook

-Again, all-inclusive means things like meals are taken care of. If you have dietary restrictions, or are a picky eater, this could be a nightmare. For others, cooking is a favourite thing to do, and the idea of not being able to cook at all for their entire trip could be a challenge.

  • Not Private

-You’ll likely be sharing the lodge with other fishing guests. While you’ll have your own room, areas like the dining room (and meals) and other common spaces will need to be shared with the other guests. Sipping a beer on balcony isn’t quite as nice when you’re bumping elbows with everyone else wanting to compare fish sizes.


Local Accommodation



  • Budget

-Booking your own accommodation, or fishing with a charter like that has different levels of packages, allows you to budget a bit better. Don’t care about the bells and whistles? Book the cheapest hotel. Hoping to cook for yourself? Find a suite with a kitchen. You’ll have plenty of options to pick something that works for your needs, and maybe your spouse’s, family’s, or friends’ too.

  • Privacy

-No sharing of meals, sharing of balconies, sharing of living rooms or any of that. You can have your own space. For some, this is a key selling feature for local accommodation.

  • More Accessible

-Being in town means you can get out just as easily as you got in. Plus, no flight is required and you need less coordination for timing and scheduling.

  • Own Kitchen/More Dinner Options

-If you book a place with a kitchen, you’ll be able to fend for yourself. Not wanting to cook, or don’t have a kitchen? Being right in town also means you’ll be able to dine out. That means any restaurants you heard were good in the area aren’t inaccessible to you, either.

  • Other Activities

-Being somewhere other than a remote lodge means you can explore the other activities in the area once you’re done fishing for the day! This also means that if friends, family or spouses come along that don’t want to fish at all, there are plenty of other options to keep them happy while you’re out on the water.



  • No Scenic Flight

-Only a drive is required and while those can be scenic on their own, there’s something about the excitement of a beautiful flight in that creates that adventure spirit.

  • Share Fishing Spots

-If you’re booking local accommodation, it’s likely going to be in a popular fishing town. That means sharing the waters with the other fishermen in the area, rather than dipping into your own stock at a remote location.

  • Need Own Transportation

-When you’ve booked your own accommodation, or with a company that doesn’t offer a shuttle, it’s not quite as easy as rolling out of bed to get to your boat in the morning. You’ll likely need to rent a car, or drive your own to the town, and be prepared to take it to the marina with you first thing.

  • Could Book Up

-Booking fishing is one thing, but booking accommodation during the summer season is another. If you’re not careful, you may have access to a boat, but not a bed. Plus, if you have a big group, you may need to book multiple rooms, or even multiple places.


There are plenty of different reasons to book a resort, rather than local accommodation, or vice versa. Either way, both will get you out on the water angling for some great fish! For some great fishing hotspots to consider, check out If you want to come to the west coast of Vancouver Island to fish, the website is a great resource.



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