BC Fishing Resorts

The west coast of Vancouver Island and northwestern part of B.C. is where the best Chinook salmon fishing has been the past few years, since about 2000. Chinook salmon run anywhere from 10-70lbs and the largest fish are generally caught up in northern BC. However, the average sized fish won’t change too much whether you are on the norther BC coast, or in southern waters.



The type of fishing changes and it is common to fish cut plug herring north of Vancouver Island, although most lodges are starting to troll with downriggers for the majority of their fishing. Live squid fishing for salmon is starting to become a sporty way of catching salmon of out Ucluelet and there is usually a period of time in the summer where a few boats use it as their primary method. This depends on when the squid arrive, though!

Depending on how much you want to spend, there is a place that will suit your needs. The further north you go, the more expensive, since small planes and helicopters are used to service the northern fishing resorts. The southern fishing resorts are often accessed by car, or a ferry ride with a short drive. Please email to find out more about fishing resorts and where you can go to get a great vacation. We are experts on the BC Coast and will get you into the right fishing resort.